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Language in Action

Symbol, teachers’ guide book & coverdiacritical marks

Language in Action was a vast project aimed at teachers of English at primary school level.

Under Dr Joyce Morris, the scheme provides learning materials based on the the language’s constituent parts.

The symbol made up of four Ls was used by Dr Morris in lecturing teachers. Even the colour, lavender, was used as the first two letters of the word reinforced the word language.

As one of the consultants, Hollis adapted the Futura typeface to represent, for example, the 21 vowel sounds. He helped brief illustrators, and also designed 30 classroom books in varied formats.

Client: Macmillan
Date: 1970s
Category: Education

Richard Hollis - Language, symbol
Richard Hollis - Language in ActionRichard Hollis - Language in ActionRichard Hollis - Language in Action