About Richard Hollis
Selected Work

About Richard Hollis

Books as Author and Designer
Graphic Design: A Concise History, London: Thames & Hudson 1994, 2nd enlarged edition, 2001 (also in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese)
Swiss Graphic Design: The Origins and Growth of an International Style 1920-1965, London: Laurence King (UK), New Haven: Yale University Press; and as Schweizer Grafik, Basel: Birkhäuser, 2005
Avant-Garde Graphics 1918-1934, London: Hayward Gallery, 2004 (with Lutz Becker)

‘The Party Line’ on graphic design in Nazi Germany, Guardian, 18 December 2000
‘Ghostly Realist’, on the life and work of the painter Eugène Carrière, Guardian, 26 August 2006
‘Have you really ever looked at this poster?’, Eye, no.13, 1994 ‘Massin’, Eye, no.16, 1995
‘Pierre Faucheux: Permanent innovation’, Eye, no.19, 1995
‘Building a Graphic Language: The example of the Architectural Review’, Eye, no.28, 1988
‘Life After Helvetica’, Blueprint, July 1985
‘Karl Gerstner: Principles Not Recipes’, DotDotDot, no.4, 2002
‘Being in the Right Place at the Right Time’ (on Alan Fletcher), Domus, no.897, June 1996
‘The Perfect Face’, AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, vol.14, no.3, 1996
‘Uwe Loesch: Multiple Meaning’, Eye, no.24, Spring 1997
‘Robin Fior: Design in Search of a Revolutionary Language’, Eye, no.32, Summer 1999
‘Principles before Style: Questions in Design History’ in Steven Heller (ed.), The Education of a Graphic Designer, New York: Allworth Press, 2005
‘Swiss Radical’ (on Theo Ballmer), Eye, no.64, 2007
‘Art Books, catalogues, and the Designer’, The Art Book, vol.14, issue 4, November 2007
‘Play and Playbill’ (on London theatre programmes), Eye, no.70, 2008
‘Max Bill’, Étapes (Paris), no.15, Winter 2009
‘Helvetica’, Étapes, no.17, Fall 2009
Obituaries in the Guardian include: Max Bill (31 December 1994), Saul Bass (27 April 1996), Josef Müller-Brockmann, (12 September 1996), John Lewis (1996), Milner Gray (1997), Tom Eckersley (13 August 1997), Nicolete Gray (10 June 1997), Raymond Savignac (9 November 2002), Germano Facetti (11 April 2006)

A large collection of images of graphics is the basis for Richard Hollis’s lectures on the history, theory and technology of visual communication through print. These have been given at various venues in UK, in Zurich, Lisbon, and at:
‘My Generation: British Art and Culture in the Sixties’, conference, Oxford University Department of Continuing Education, 1995
School of Visual Arts Conference, ‘How we learn, what we learn’, New York, 1997.Lecture at the Royal College of Art in the series Typetalk, 18 May 2001, video-recorded on CD.
‘Writing and Illuminating and Lettering – and Mechanization’, Keynote address on Edward Johnston, Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI) conference, Brighton University, September 2007.
‘Swiss Graphic Design’, London College of Communication, 8 November 2000
‘Art+Technology=Design’,Glyn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea, 1 February 2005
‘Photography, Graphics and Printing Technology’, Photography in the Seventies, conference, University of Sussex, 15 October 2005
‘British Graphic Design’ (“Communicate” exhibition), Design Museum, Zurich, 19 April 20006
‘Swiss Graphic Design’, St Bride’s Foundation, 4 May 2006
‘Folding: Structure and Economy in Print Design’, Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milan, 10 June 2009


Articles on Richard Hollis
Robin Kinross, ‘The new Tradition’, Blueprint, no.46, April 1988
Robin Kinross, ‘For Meaning: the graphic design of Richard Hollis’, Frieze, no.5, 1992
Robin Kinross, Interview, Journal of Design History, vol.5, no.1, 1992
Christopher Wilson, ‘Reputations’, interview with Richard Hollis, Eye, no.59, March 2006

Book Reviews
Burning the Box of Beautiful Things (Royal College of Art’s ‘Ark’), Eye, no.19, 1995
Letters of the Avant Garde
, Eye, no.22, 1996 Typography Now, Blueprint, October 1996
20th Century Type Designers, Blueprint
, May 1997Paul Renner, Times Literary Supplement, 11 December 1998
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Visible Signs, Eye, no.50, 2003
Le Corbusier: Architect of Books, Eye, no.57, 2005
McKnight Kauffer, Blueprint, January 2006
 McKnight Kauffer, Eye,
no.59, 2006
Otl Aicher, Eye, no.63, 2006


Exhibition Reviews
Courriers distingués, Musée de la Poste, Paris, Eye, no.26, 1997
Depero Futurist, Estorick Collection, Eye, no.38The Power of the Poster, V&A, Eye, no.28, 1990

Miscellaneous references
E.G., ‘Notes on some catalogues’, Artefactum, Brussels, February-March 1987Herbert Spencer, ‘Penguins on the March’, Typographica, no.5, June 1962
‘Thirty Six Typographers: biographical notes’, Typographica, no.7, May 1963‘Un inventaire de la “typographie suisse”’, Typographische Monatsblätter, no.4, 2006Julia Thrift, ‘Do-it-yourself’, Eye, no.26, 1997