Richard Hollis

About Richard Hollis

Works as a general graphic and book designer. He has a small studio with never more than one assistant, working closely with clients – writers, editors, artists, curators and architects.

There is no particular style: each job acquires its own. For this reason no distinction is made between recent work and that which dates back several decades. His design aim is to engage the reader or viewer, and his experience as a printer allows him to exploit technical means in the interests of economy.The site shows a selection of work, list of clients, and bibliography.

Richard Hollis is also a writer and lecturer mainly on design history. 

Books to be published under the Richard Hollis imprint in 2010, not on design subjects, are:
Daniel Huws, Memories of Ted Hughes 1952-1963, ISBN 978 1 9055112 75 1
Susan Alliston, Poems and Journals 1960–1969, with an introduction by Ted Hughes ISBN: 978 1 905512 76 8
Romek Marber, No Return: Journeys in the Holocaust, ISBN  978 1 905512 74 4


For Richard Hollis’s biographical details, please see Who’s Who.

Richard Hollis & Karel Martens
The designer Karel Martens in conversation with Richard Hollis, 2006. Martens was director of Werkplaats Typografie, where Hollis lectured in December 2000. Photograph by Martin Argyroglo.

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